Pre-vacuum carpet star star
Pre–treat spots star star star
Clean all open areas, cleaning around furniture star
Move all average size furniture star star
Clean carpet wall to wall star star
Clean edges of the carpet star
Carpet deodorise star star
Drying fans star
10 Day Guarantee star
Scotchguarding star


Sheen Services Guarantee

We know we make mistakes from time to time, we’re only human. But the measure of a service company is not perfection, but rather how well it handles its mistakes

We are totally committed to your total satisfaction. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every job.

10 Day Guarantee

We’ll gladly return to re-clean any spots or stains should they re-appear within 10 days.

Premium Package

We are a business that is dedicated to delivering to our clients a home environment that is not only clean but also healthy. The premium package is designed for those who won’t compromise and want premium quality, exhaustive cleaning.

PLUS specialised treatments to reduce pollutants and allergens.
PLUS an application of anti-stain protector.
PLUS ability to choose and tailor the service to deal with their specific concerns.

The main difference between the value and premium packages

  • Each premium package has been specifically tailored to provide the perfect combination of solutions and cleaning processes to specifically benefit the particular problem or concern highlighted.
  • All premium packages include an anti-stain protector.
  • Thorough premium level cleaning is again the norm; furniture is moved, cleaned and treated behind and replaced. The entire carpet area is cleaned
  • Emergency spot and stain touch ups.

Twin vacuum, high-pressure, extraction cleaning. 85% DRIER than other cleaning systems.

Value Package

The value package delivers premium and exhaustive cleaning of the complete carpet area. Even those difficult to reach areas under furniture are tackled. We remove all the furniture, cleaning thoroughly under and behind, and then replace the furniture using protective foil tabs or Styrofoam blocks. Designed for those who want premium quality cleaning of their whole carpet area including the moving and replacing of furniture AND are concerned about slashing the level of pollutants circulating your home and effecting you and your families health. The value package is the one to choose when you want your most thorough annual (spring) clean.

Our cleaning does all this:

  • Makes traffic lane look clean again
  • Prolongs carpet life
  • Washes out water soluble soils
  • Washes out returning spots
  • Repels dirt instead of attracting it
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Preserves factory applied finishes
  • Extracts allergy causing pollen and spores
  • Removes the dead skin that dust mites live on
  • Restores fluffiness
  • Restores softness
  • Breaks down oily dirt and residue
  • Brightens colours
  • Flushes out surface odour sources
  • Rinses residue from previous cleaners
  • Twin vacuum, high-pressure extraction cleaning. 85% DRIER than other cleaning systems

Budget Package

Designed for those clients who would benefit from more frequent cleaning, probably because you have a house full of children or pets, but are running to a budget, which would normally mean you would wait to long to make your carpets clean and more importantly healthy again.

The package features as standard our most thorough exhaustive and professional cleaning process, just because it is called a budget clean doesn’t mean we cut corners on the standard of the cleaning we do, we only have one standard throughout all our packages – thorough, professional and exhaustive.

Here’s what the budget package delivers to you…

  • The most thorough, professional and exhaustive cleaning.
  • Pre-spotting of all difficult stains
  • Heavy duty pre-spray on all heavily trafficked, oily or greasy areas.
  • Twin vacuum, high-pressure jet less extraction cleaning. 85% DRIER than other cleaning systems
  • Residue free rinse to retard soiling

Where costs are saved compared to value package is here:

  • We only clean the traffic area (the most heavily walked areas)
  • We don’t move furniture
  • We don’t apply an anti-allergy protector
  • We don’t apply an anti static treatment

Baby Care Package

Here’s what we deliver when you ask for the baby care package:

  • Thorough and professional cleaning
  • Pre-spotting of all difficult stains
  • Fabric protector to guard against accidental spillages
  • Heavy duty pre-spray an all heavily trafficked, oily or greasy areas
  • Twin vacuum, high pressure hot water extraction cleaning process.
  • Extra fibre softener
  • Anti bacterial rinse
  • Application of anti-stain protector

Features Unique To Baby Care Package

Non-toxic Cleaning Solution
The cleaning solution used is chosen because it is non toxic and environmentally friendly as a cleaning solution could possibly be.

Conditioner Treatments
This package will deliver softener treatment because we are aware that baby is likely to spend much of his/her time lolling on the carpet.

Anti-bacterial Rinse
With a young baby or child in the house we want to make sure that we clean for health and a measured use of anti-bacterial rinse in particular sensitive areas will contribute to that.

Pet Care Package

The pet care package has been designed to deliver thorough cleaning together with an invisible shield protecting your family from the damaging pollutants and allergens found in your home. The use of specialised cleaning solutions, treatments and processes focus on treating the causes of pet related odours and hygiene concerns.

Here’s what we deliver when you ask for the pet care package:

  • Thorough and professional cleaning
  • Pre-spotting of all difficult stains
  • Heavy duty pre-spray an all heavily trafficked, oily or greasy areas
  • Twin vacuum, high pressure, extraction cleaning. 85% DRIER than other cleaning systems
  • Residue free rinse to retard soiling
  • Pet area specialised treatments
  • Anti bacterial rinse
  • Pet odour treatments
  • Application of anti-stain protector

Features Unique to Pet Package

Pet area treatments
Pet soil is usually found to be extremely acidic and as such needs specialist-cleaning process and treatments to remove the soiling and the return the carpet to a pH balanced condition. Furthermore other particular pet problems including the oil from their coats need particular types of treatment to ensure thorough removal. Plus there is the hygiene issue, which needs to be carefully considered and treated.

Pet odour treatment
Pets do have a very distinctive aroma and it is only with the most thorough cleaning combined with the use of the pet-specific aroma removers can we significantly impact on the problem.

Anti-bacterial rinse
Inevitably the levels of pollutants and allergens in your home will be significantly greater when you share it with a valued pet. The use of bacterial rinse will help minimise this increase.